Host a Challenge

Commit to a simple step of changing the world. It’s easy: simplify your life. Save at least $1 a day, and at the end, donate your savings to provide needed resources for the poorest communities in the world. Out of your overflow, pour into communities in need. It's that simple.


Set aside something that isn’t necessary. Or even something that is. Give up coffee. Change your own oil. Host a yard sale. Grow your own food. Walk or bike more. Get creative, and make sacrifices.


Proceeds donated through the Overflow Challenge will support one of three projects through World Concern. World Concern is part of CRISTA Ministries, a 501(c)(3) charity that sees over 90% of funds go towards programs.

  • Feeding Families - A Nutritious Family Vegetable Garden.

  • Protecting Children - Shelter for Trafficked Girls.

  • Providing Clean Water - Life-Saving Water from a Well.


Engage locally and globally. Change starts with the way you live, and when you change, so can your community. Through this project lives around the world will be transformed.


Welcome to the challenge!

We're excited to join you as you simplify, give, and change.

Stay involved with what we're doing and share with us:

Why Simplify?

In the poorest places, impoverished families need 3 basic things to stay alive: Food, Water, and Protection. These key sectors are fundamental for human life and a foundation for community improvement, including health, education, and economic development. Without Food, Water, and Protection, a community cannot develop. But with them, people have a real chance to fulfill their potential and thrive. You can change everything!

A farmer in Somalia

Feeding Families

Struggling families can feed themselves with your support of a vegetable garden. A diet packed with fresh vegetables helps keep girls and boys healthy and increases their resistance to disease. And extra produce can be sold for income. We provide the necessary tools, training, and supplies for farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops, enabling them to feed their families and support a lucrative livelihood.

Where your giving helps: Bangladesh, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan

A girl in Sri Lanka

Protecting Children

Extreme poverty can leave a defenseless child at the mercy of predators. Take a stand to protect the lives of children whose circumstances make them vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation and abuse, offering them safe alternatives and hope for a better future. Your giving will place a child rescued out of trafficking into a safe house where trained caregivers will lovingly provide shelter, food, job training, and spiritual counseling needed for her to heal.

Where your giving helps: Laos, Sri Lanka

A child in Myanmar

Providing Clean Water

Clean water is fundamental for human life and a foundation for community improvement, including health, education, and economic development. Without clean water, a community cannot develop. We’re working to change that. With clean water, people have a real chance to fulfill their potential. Your giving will help provide a sustainable source of clean, safe water—and better health—for multiple families.

Where your gift helps: Kenya, Myanmar, South Sudan


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